Save time and resources with room scheduling software

Save time and resources with room scheduling software

Dette indlæg er finansieret indlæg og indeholder promoverede hjemmesidehenvisninger.

Are you up to your ears in work and scheduling tasks? Do you often double book meeting and conference rooms, or do you forget to book catering and resources such as whiteboards, projectors, video conference equipment or work stations for the meetings? Then you probably have the wrong room scheduling software – if any! Save yourself time and fret by investing in a meeting management solution which is both efficient and intuitive, before the hardships of keeping track of all these items stresses you out!


If you have – only once or twice – tried to stand in the unfortunate position, that the meeting room, you thought you had booked for your boss and the company’s shareholders for their biannual status meeting, is occupied by the sales team for their pep talk session, then you will know that, although this is not the end of the World, it is kind of embarrassing and less professional, to say the least. If you want to send a signal of professionalism, you will have to be totally up to scratch with all arrangement related to these meetings. And here, you will be able to draw great benefits from a top tuned and up to date piece of room scheduling software.


The Danish company Pronestor is one of the leading suppliers of professional meeting management systems. At Pronestor, the skilled employees and consultants have many years of experience with assessing the needs and demands of companies of varying sizes and types. Among the clients are e.g. Pfizer, Carnegie Bank, and Yarra Valley Water – companies of international format and with a large amount of meeting activity, who are using our Meeting Management Suite on a daily basis. At Pronestor, we are proud to present these companies among our clients, especially because they are very happy with the meeting management solutions, we provided for them.


Even as a smaller company, you can draw great benefits from one or more of our products. You may not need the full blown solution, which is our Meeting Management Suite, and which is comprised of the elements Pronestor Room, Pronestor Catering, Pronestor Display and Pronestor Visitor. You may only need the room scheduling software – and if you, later on, come to the conclusion that catering management or a visitor registration and greeting solution would also be nice, you can simply upgrade your Pronestor subscription!


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